entry 5- friendships and the upcoming summer

hi babies :3

lately ive felt a little sad about friendships and such. all i can think about is how i just want a best friend that considers me their best friend. ive been trying to just be a good friend to my favorite people, and i hope ill get that back. as the summer approaches, i just get scared that i wont have people to hangout with much. my friend, s, has so much going on with her theater stuff and will be gone most of the summer. my friend, e, has a bunch of studying with the local college to do this summer and will be gone most of it too. im hoping i will be able to hangout with my friends, a and j, a bit, but none of us keep in touch over the summers. i just want a BEST friend who wants to have sleepovers a bunch, and picks me first too and just wants to be with me too. with time, i hope that i will find someone who will wanna tan and talk with me all summer. i love hanging out with my boyfriend, but i want my friends too.

i wanna have my vintage americana summer. ive been ordering so much clothes and following inspo on intagram like emmakrocherolle and romneyellen. they both have amazing fashion, you should check them out for inspo!! they both feel so real yet they are sooo cool. i rearranged my room and made it look all cutesy for the summer. i need a rug though... anyways! i hope i get to have some drinks by the river with bf, and have tons of sleepovers with my friends. i wanna post more on insta and be cutesy!! i took some pics with my friend ab which ill put in a gallery for you guys. i hope you and i both have a really aesthetic and amazing summer full of tan lines!!