entry 4: writing from my school!

hi babies :3

its been a couple weeks since i really updated this! i apologize for it, ive just been actually so busy it is awful ;sighs;. i got a new job title at work, i now am working on pushing out boxes and such instead of dealing with customers. i really like it!! the hours are like 5-10pm, or 7am-12 on weekends. it gives me more daytime to do what i want. yesterday i got some freebies for working hard. i got some leave in conditioner that made my hair smell really good and sooo soft. i got a nars powder, anastasia brow stuff, some fake lashes and then a makeup brush that will be really nice to have. i honestly thinbk i need to go through my makeup and hair and skin care though, i have wayyyy too much that i just dont really use. i also need to add some more decor to my room hehe.

tomorrow i am gonna go strawberry picking with my friend annabelle! we will take the cutest pics i assume, which will spice up my instagram. i am trying rly hard to be more "aesthetic". i have been using a lot of inspo from this one girl named emma k rocherolle on instagram. she has such a cute style! today i bought some stuff off of shein... i RARELY buy from them due to sustainability, but if the reviews are good and i KNOW that i can wear it many times, yolo! buying off of shein isnt any worse than brandy or target tbh. it is all made in china and unsustainable. the only truly unsustainable thing to me about shein is that people buy tons of ugly clothes without looking at reviews, and it just takes over the thrift stores rapidly. thats what i dont like!

i honestly really want a best friend this summer. someone i can spend sm time with. my boyfriend has his own best friend he hangs out with constantly and i really want that. i wanna work out and better myself too. i think today i might work out if i can, and paint my nails and just look cutesy! i want to tan, but idk if i can today. i work at five so hmmmm.

i am eating in school. i just have been online shopping and such instead of doing work bc my head hurts loll!

i think that is really it for today. i appreciate you all reading this, im just bored and kinda rambling.