entry 3... my bad day

hi babies :3

honestly today was nottt my day. i kinda just shut down my phone for the night bc i do notttt want to talk to anyone. im just kinda making myself talk about my feelings. i hope you guys are doing well, but i cant hear you sooo lets talk about my day for now??

so i woke up and kinda just laid there on and off sleeping for literal hourssssss!!! i finally got up around one or so and listed some clothes on my depop to make extra money. with that, i also convinced my dad to get me more clothes bc its been like a couple years since he last bought me clothes haha. he hasnt given me the money yet, so i bought a couple things on my own for now. i kinda wanna dress more vintage americana??? maybe ill make my site look more like it too.

i sold a package so i got up and shipped it while watching american dad on my phone. then i ate lucky charms and got ready for work. i spent like thirty min getting the perfect milkmaid style lolita braids!! then yano i drove to work and did my work.

but omg my coworkers must be literal NPCs bc it was a messs in the back!! it was a lot to clean and i didnt get too far :( me and my fave manager had fun thooo we ordered pizza and i ate my whole pizza haha!! mushroom pizza is sooo underrated i love it too much. but eating so much and having to work so much harder than normal on all of the shipment was a lot on me. i felt rly drained and bloated.

when i finally got to go home, i was rly happyyyyy!!! i was cruising home and then when i was almost home i mixed up my brake and accel for my clutch and brake!! so i tried to accellerate and stalled the engine and it scared the shit out of me bc my car just turned off. i restarted it and someone that was in a dif lane honked at me... like do you rly think i wanted to be in the middle of the road???

sooo i cried a lil otw home and told my dad about it. he was v nice and comforting abt it but i thought hed think i was dumb lmao

i went to tell my bf about it and he didnt want to call to talk about it so i was rly upset and we had a lil argument :sad emoji:and that just made my night so much worse and i feel silly too. honestly, im skipping all of my skincare and crap. im taking my zoloft and going to sleeeppppp