my makeup routine

hi babies :3

woahhh you made it to my second entry!

i am quite the makeup lover ngl, i work at a makeup shop and have been wearing makeup everyday since fourth grade

so lets get started on how to be the most sexy amazing hot girl! i like to go for a notebook style look.

1. you need SPF!! i like the whipped vacation sunscreen bc its cute and feels rly nice.

2. prime time- wearing primer and setting spray is the key to schoolproof makeup. for me, i like the elf primers. the best is the jellypop, but powergrip will do. its v sticky which means it works!!

3. foundation (optional)! sometimes i like to wear a lil foundation to have a more even skin tone. in that scenario, i use mac studio fix or the makeup by mario foundation. i like to dab it on with the flat side of a beauty sponge.

4. conceal ur enemies!! my eyebags are actually uncoverable but everyday i try. i cant find a fave, but the tarte shape tape, hourglass, too faced ethereal light, as well as the nars pot concealer are all pretty good for everyday. try to go slightly lighter than your skin tone.

5. setttttt! i use a medium sized brush and blend in the maybelline fit me powder, or the one size pink powder. pink brightens more

6. bronze/contour- i use the too faced chocolate bronzer. i get a small dense brush and contour the sides of my nose, as well as contouring a button nose. i blend this with the setting powder brush. then i get a bigger angled brush and make my face look slimmer. a little goes a long way; you dont wanna look muddy or like you are wearing contour.

7. blushy girl! my fave step. i use soooo much red blush (glossier) on the cheeks and make myself look like a 50s/40s girl. i then use the nose contour brush and follow the contours of my lower nose with some too faced reddish blush powder

8. blind the ugly ppl. benefit's cookie highlighter looks great on the tip of the nose, top of the nose and on your natural cheek highlights.

9. set it in again with urban decay setting spray. this is the only one that werkssss (it gon stay cuz its urban decay!!)

10. fill in ur brows as needed with any brow pencil or even brown eyeshadow. use hairgel or brow gel to set them how you want. pls dont do soap brows, you were not put in a laminator lol

11. line line lyin: smudge a lil bit of black eyeshadow on ur lashline. it looks like natural eyeliner. do not go crazy with it!!

12. curly lashes! i like to heat up my lash curler with a lighter before i curl them. it works better. then, i use the maybeline sky high lash primer, followed by my holy grail mascara: tartelette mascara!! it makes my short lashes look long, and doesnt smudge (bf proof!!) i reccomend this mascara to every customer.

now you look so cute i bet!! yw ;)