entry 1 (3-27-24)

hi babies :3

so, i guess this is my first ever entry! thank you to the people who have already viewed this so far! im rly new to coding so i dont exactly know what im doing.

my name is g and im kinda using this site as a therapy in a way. lowk my life kinda sucks sometimes bc i dont talk to my mom at all, and i feel like im always the only one ever home since my brother is always gone and my dad is always with his fiance. shes rly nice but yano. ALL of this would be better if i had a besty to hangout with all the time, but i am so busy! prolly bc im a junior in hs, which is kinda hard bc i have sooo much stress!! like i have to master my sat, and keep up my grades, and volunteer and sooo much bc i rly wanna make it into my dream nursing school (but it is gonna be rly hardddd). i wanna go to one of the top nursing programs in my country, so pls manifest my acceptance letter with me lol


rn i am not in my financially stable era bc i suck at driving cars ig! i drive a lil mini cooper that is older than me, and she got a lil dinged up. i just wanna be rich again :,( it has not been fun having to buy as minimal amounts of items as i can, etc. i guess itll be kinda how i am in college though. i can't keep spending so much on clothes and makeup. the main thing that takes up my money besides car insurance is my gas!! i feel like one of those trumpies but wth, gas prices are insaneeeeee!!! so many people i know's parents buy gas for them but i have to pay it all... and my car only takes premium while having bad mileage.

havent had to pay for much gas today tho! i have actually been rotting in bed all day. i feel nastyyyyy! i only left my house to get chickfila, but i at least took out my trash, straightened up my pink pretty room and did my laundry. i have to do three loads of laundry every week, and then i am expected to fold it all at once whaaaatttt?!

i cant wait to see my boyfriend tomorrow! i love him so much and hes rly funny. sometimes we argue but like we are just kids, yano? he buys me stuffed animals and food and just makes me so happy. hes been supportive of this site, so if you somehow are reading this.. hiii!!

onto the other stuff that the first entry would show: i started this website after my friend, evie, showed me how! i should have been studying for the sat but yolo! she had a pretty popular neocities page but i don't think its still active. however, my other friend might make one too, which is rly cool. but a big shoutout to evie for teaching me some basic coding, as well as sadgirl for the template.

as a confident teen girl, i wanna spread my wisdom to u guys!! i should be updating pretty frequently (when i am not working, at school, or with my bf). you will see fashion inspo, music, life updates and such!

thank you for reading my very first entry!! you can officially say uve been here since the start.